Welcome to VlogTracker

Matt Philie / May 25, 2017
Welcome to VlogTracker, the hub for everything vlogging related! This blog post is the first of many and will be dedicated to providing a brief explanation on what exactly VlogTracker is.

First, let me introduce myself: My name is Matt Philie. I’m 21 years old and created VlogTracker with the hopes of bringing together the vlogging community. Whether you’re a creator or a viewer, you’ll (hopefully) enjoy the experience. I’m a YouTuber myself with a tech channel that has 170,000 subscribers but my true passion has always been for vlogs. Although I haven’t vlogged much of my own life, my subscription box has always been full of vlogs for the last 8 years. Feel free to follow me on Twitter.

Let’s talk about some of the features!

Interactive Map – Experience life from different people’s perspectives

Discover new creators from all over the world by using the interactive map. Each pin represents a city with creators. Click the pin to view all the vloggers from the selected city. If you’re planning a trip, why not check out vloggers from your vacation destination to get an idea of the hotspots to visit?


Search Feature – Find exactly what you’re looking for

This feature is pretty straight forward. Search for anything from Seattle to Hawaii, Disney World or Universal, sports, family, wedding, proposal, birth, graduation… the list goes on. Our search is very specific. Top results are based strictly on tags, not the number of views or subscriber count a creator has.


Vloggers – See every vlogger signed up

This page is simply a list of every vlogger currently signed up for VlogTracker. It comes equipped with sorting features.


Vlogs – Fresh new content, every day

This page is simply a list of every vlog ever posted on VlogTracker. It comes equipped with sorting features. This is fun to check out every day for fresh new content!


Random Vlog – Endless entertainment

Bored? No new vlogs in your subscription box? Visit this page to see a random vlog from all of the ones posted on VlogTracker. Click “New Random Vlog” to see a different one. Keep going for as long as you want!


Resources – All the info a vlogger can need

This page is dedicated to providing creators a list of resources they can use to improve their channel, grow their audience and ultimately help them make better videos. Everything from where to get sponsorships to royalty free music for your videos, even ways to make money and more.

Gear – The best equipment to improve your vlogs

Whether you are new to the vlogging game or simply looking to step up your quality, this page is perfect for you. It is full of various kits that fit different needs and budgets generated by vloggers. We plan on covering as many vloggers rigs as possible so you can simply refer to this page for what a vlogger uses opposed to spamming their comment section.


Tips & Tricks – What’s happening in the vlogging world?

This is our blog about vlogs, ha! We will be covering various tips and tricks, discussing the latest in the vlogging world, interviewing top creators and much more. Definitely worth keeping up with!


Newsletter – Everything summed up, once a month

Our newsletter is quite literally a summarized version of everything that happened in the last month on VlogTracker. We’ll show off our favorite vlogs, new members, new resources, some awesome vlogging rigs, highlights of our blog and more. This is a good way to stay up to date with everything happening on VlogTracker. Subscribe!

Now let’s talk about benefits of signing up for VlogTracker!

First things first, if you’re a viewer – you do NOT need to sign up! We wanted to make your viewing experience as simple as possible. Registering is just for creators, this way your experience is super simple and we don’t capture any information about you. Enjoy all the features with no hassle.


If you’re a creator, you’ll definitely want to sign up! Much like we did for viewers, we wanted to keep things as simple as possible for creators. For example, we don’t require creators to connect their YouTube channel to our site.


Additionally, you do not have to actually re-upload every vlog you want to post but rather just post the YouTube link. This means your ads still play when people watch your videos on VlogTracker so you’ll still earn ad revenue and get all the views.


We’re not trying to be another YouTube – we’re just a free add-on focused on growing your audience and connecting the vlogging community. You have nothing to lose by posting to our site.


Since we don’t record subscriber count, everyone is on a level playing field. At the end of the day, you don’t watch someone’s vlogs for the number next to their name but rather their personality.

And there you go, a quick rundown on everything you need to know about VlogTracker. If you have any questions at all about the site, please reach out! [email protected]